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Gambling & Betting Software Development

Creating Betting with outstanding quality applications and games for more than 5 years. We’re all about keeping the quality of services and joy of players at the highest priorities. Time to play!

Casino Software

Allow your players to get Las Vegas experience. Best gameplay for Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat and Slot games.

Slot Machines

Creating all types of Slot Machines customizing a users experience. Making
game play even more joyful than ever.

Lotto Full Set of Variations

We design the Lotto software to suit all user’s needs and create unlimited number of games with unique rules.

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We offer affordable prices to startups on eGaming Prototypes and MVP development.

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From engineers and designers to business analysis specialists, architects and game theory experts.

Apache Spark Enterprise & BigData

Elixir &Phoenix Distributed & Decentralized Sys

Android & Kotlin Mobile Dev

Hibernate Enterprise & BigData

Apache Flink Enterprise

Vert.X Enterprise

Quorum Blockchain

Hyperledger Blockchain

React & React Native

Kubernetes DevOps

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Keras Machine Learning

Java Enterprise & BigData

Apache Pulsar

IOTA Blockchain

Amazon Web Cloud Services

Erlang & OTP Distributed & Decentralized

iOS & Swift Mobile Dev

Scala, Play2, Akka Distributed & Decentralized

Spring Enterprise & BigData

Ethereum Blockchain

Tendermint Blockchain

Flutter & Fuchsia

Ansible DevOps

Tensorflow Machine Learning

Riak Enterprise & BigData

Unity Games Mobile Dev

Kafka Enterprise & BigData

Solidity Blockchain

Docker DevOps

PyTorch Machine Learning

PostgreSQL Enterprise

Divi Power Affiliate

Yes, Divi is included with any of our WordPress packages as we’re an fully authorized affiliate.
We use our license to provide full service to our clients.