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Creating a website is one thing, making it live and ready for visitors, users and or shopping is another thing. We want our customers very happy with our services! We want your business and ready to prove it! From domains, hosting and our full service website development.

Affordable Startup Websites
Wordpress with Divi Builder
Divi Theme Included
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* Package Details: Each offer includes 1 New Domain Name (.com or .net) or 1 Domain Transfer if you already have a domain. If your not sure, please contact us as we’re more than happy to provide our clients with free consultations before purchase as domain names, digital labor and or services are non-refundable. Prices shown are based on 1 year payment. Privacy is optional, yet not refundable nor credited if not used.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Scott gets it done fast and right the first time. Whether you are running a small business, enterprise or Nonprofit get your Web work done with real integrity at the right price. Both are hard to find today but with Scott you have found your man.

Nick Longo

Founder, CoffeeCup Software

Scott and I worked together a few years ago over e-mail and eventually had a chance to meet in person and work on a project for a few days. Scott is a very talented individual, highly professional and reliable – much appreciated by his team!

Bruno Leveque

Co-Founder, Prestashop

I have been a client for over 10 years and never fail his task or quotas. He emphasize in attention to details and understanding of your needs and budgetary issues you may have. Truly a great advocate to help your business grow.

Cesar R Ramirez

CEO, Marc Production Enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Secured Web Hosting?

Humans monitoring all servers, databases, domains, websites, emails and all other services we offer via a network of people located throughout the globe. There’s no comparison to our dedication to our clients. We’re providing 100% secured hosting as humanly possible.


What do you mean by “customized website”?

First of all, it’s one way we control expenses is by using pre-designed layouts. Make changes, modify the setups to your liking, You don’t need a blank canvas to create a unique website. Of course, if you want we can create you a totally unique website by hand for $2,500 and up.

How long does it take for website to be live?

For the do it yourself, it’s all up to you we’ll activate the account asap. Business websites are live within 1 business day “landing / info page” while we create and normally 10 business days. Online store is live within 1 business day and placed into maintenance mode until ready.


Why is the name

It’s easy to remember. You just feel all safe and warm inside knowing we’re on duty 24 hours a day protecting your websites. Besides, the CEO’s father was a policeman and it’s just cool name. We’ve been doing this 15 years, we love what we’re doing. To Protect and Server!

You’re a hosting company or web studio?

Both, we’ve been providing customized website solutions to our clients since 2004. It’s actually best to have your web designer be your hosting provider as well as your domain name management in one place. No more trying to figure out who does what, we do it all!


Do I have to purchase Divi?

No, We’re an authorized affiliate and the website is authenticated via our license allowing clients to build and edit their websites with ease. Should you choose to leave our services, you’re required to purchase your own Divi license.

How is Prestashop Theme included?

Our bundle deals are prepaid for the year. The funds you pay are used to purchase all the includes for the bundle as well as the theme you select. This way, we deal with their support for theme updates etc. We do our best to make sure your online stores runs smoothly.


What’s the difference in Divi Theme and Plugin?

Divi Theme created from the Divi Builder an online website drag and drop editing tool. Plugin option is added to a WordPress theme to use as the website editor. At times, one must still use the customize or theme options.

cPanel Hosting Included

Hosting Control Panel

cPanel Included

Your in-charge of your hosting account. Keep the password secure and not share with unauthorized users. This is where you’ll add, manage your email settings, traffic reports etc.

Easy to use Hosting Control Panel

Compatible with all Web Browsers

Online Anti-Virus Scanner and Firewall

Full access Files, Databases and Software

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Anytime you need us we’re just a click away. Our team is ready to assist you with Sales or Support as there’s no need to wait for business hours to talk to someone that can get something done for you ASAP!

24 / 7 Sales

We’re more than happy to provide our new and existing clients with Free Consultations as we love a good challenge. If we can’t assist you we’ll help you find someone within our network of partners and specialist.

Divi Power Affiliate

Yes, Divi is included with any of our WordPress packages as we’re an fully authorized affiliate.
We use our Divi license to provide full service to our clients.