Privacy Policy Privacy Policy (Last update on 01/05/2017) (hereafter referred to as HostCops, we, us or our) collects information in different ways. This Privacy Policy is designed to provide guidance to customers, visitors, business partners and our customer’s customers (end users) about how and how this information is used. In this Privacy Policy, these individuals and entities are referred to collectively as “Users.”

Client Data
HostCops does not sale, share or lease any information given to us by any individuals or entities subject to our privacy policy, except as provided in it. If you have questions about how HostCops you may use information provided to it, and that if any question is not covered by this privacy policy, please contact us for any clarifications.

Age Requirement
HostCops provides services for individuals over the age of eighteen or an adult is their supervisor as we are not against the young business owners. All clients regardless of age must abide to our policy to remain on our servers.

3rd Party
HostCops is a reseller of hosting services and many other 3rd party products and services within the network of our providers. We do not control or have any say in how they do their business or their own privacy policies. To use 3rd party options is totally up to our clients as long as the options they choose to use on our servers stays within the guidelines of family friendly, not illegal and no adult content such as porn.

USA Service
HostCops only provides services to United States of America individuals, businesses and partners. If you seek services and are located outside of the USA we welcome to you visit our partner who caters to other counties and supports the Safe Harbor laws – visit provide here.

Information Collected
Our website does not use cookies and we only use Google Analytics to monitor our traffic to measure how effective our marketing is with interacting with the public at large. Our partners, providers have their own methods and means of usage.

— What clients provide to us during sign up, phone calls, emails, tickets.
— Nothing is sold or shared with any outside parties.

Server Logs
HostCops web servers collect information from visitors to the websites linked to this privacy policy. Due to each visitor/user computer and browser configurations are different, HostCops may collect some, or all, of the following information during a User’s visit:

  • IP address as we are specific to USA visitors only we block all others.
  • Browser type or computer in use limited to what the user’s computer is sending out.
  • How many times links are clicked within HostCops website.
  • What State or Country from which our website requesting to view our website.
  • Date and time of actual visit
  • What internet service provider used to access HostCops website
  • Referral url (website, search result) used to visit HostCops website
  • Pages viewed on HostCops website

Information provided to HostCops during registration

Account Details

  • General details such as name, email, phone, address
  • Billing information is secured via our merchant – Paypal
  • Not all is mandatory, some is provided by clients to assist us with their projects, issues.
  • Our website is secured with https service from RapidSSL on all pages, accounts, logins.

Identity Tools

  • Google Analytics, our own hosting account logs.

Support Assistance

  • While assisting our clients we at times need user names, passwords and or require access to information specific to their needs at that time.
  • Non of this information is made public, nothing is shared with 3rd parties.
  • We use our ticket system to communicate to keep all request in writing to avoid misunderstandings.

Server Security

  • Our team, provider and at times partners are monitoring all accounts within our network of servers.
  • Any abuse is instantly as possible stopped, blocked, reported and at times banned depending on the severity of the abuse, users are notified of anything that requires their attention.
  • Blocking website access can also occur if the website or account in question has been illegally accessed by hackers, automated programs, viruses we’ll close the access until the issue has been resolved.

Contacting HostCops regarding this Privacy Policy

If Users have any questions, comments or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy or the use and disclosure of personal information, please contact HostCops via email at and HostCops will respond within a timely manner.



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